If you’re local then that’s great to hear. We welcome you to the festival with open arms. You have a reduced entry fee of $10. Just make sure that in the submission, you make sure to upload your digital ID to prove you’re from Mauritius.

This event is to support the local community of filmmakers and moviegoers, as well as those who just want something interesting to do. So come along, enjoy the sun and some wonderful films. We’re doing all that we can to accommodate the community of this island. There are no strings attached, just come along, enjoy and make a new annual tradition.

Check out the press release here for more information.


Just because you’re outside of the island doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the festivities. All you’ll need to do is pay a fee like any other film festival. There will be 4 entry opportunities for you to submit your masterpiece.

The earlier you submit the cheaper it will be for you. So this will mean the more prepared you are, the more it will benefit you, whilst still giving the people who need a chance to make some finishing touches some time.

Prizes are still available to you with the option for them to be shipped to you, depending on what you win of course. If you would like to come to the event in person then you are more than welcome to come. There will be a small price for tickets but rest assured all ticket earnings will go to benefiting the island. All we ask is that you respect the island and not leave any litter.