The lighthouse is a strong symbol, it symbolizes the light that guides people. A source of hope and a guide at the same time, art and culture also have this power. The festival will therefore be open to everyone, at an affordable price, with the ambition of promoting the talents of the Mauritian 7th art and creating a platform for Mauritian films. The Jury team will include Mauritians, but also foreign filmmakers, which will provide international visibility for the selected films.

Sponsors are also the beacons of our project.

Through their contribution, they have an important role to play.

That of rewarding the laureates.

As a sponsor, the name of your company will be present on:

❖ The Phare International Film Festival website

❖ Tickets and flyers relating to the festival.

❖ Advertising banners during the festival.

❖ Media coverage of the project.

In recent years, Mauritius has been very popular with international directors. The festival will contribute to the development of this new heavenly cinema destination.

In addition, it will also allow a boom in the Mauritian film industry. Once again, this project aims to be a source of inspiration and creation.

Be part of the “Phare Film Festival” through your donation and thus offer a spotlight on the talents of the Mauritian 7th art and the infinite possibilities by opening the doors of our island to international cinema.


Become a partner and develop your audience by supporting The Phare Film Festival.

Sponsor an award and benefit from a promotional film for your company in line with your values.

Naturally, a festival must be able to reward the winners, that is why we are asking for your participation. The prizes which will be offered to the participants will be awarded in the form of a “treasure chest”. The idea is to give the winners a box with different prizes.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of how you can participate:

“Gift vouchers”: Depending on your field of activity and your possibilities, this can be a voucher for a stay in a hotel, a dinner in a restaurant or a voucher for material goods (for example, HIFI, household appliances, clothes. , cosmetics, etc.)

“Bons-phares”: Are you experienced in the field of the 7th art? You have the opportunity to share your know-how with young people. Indeed, for the category under 25, we want to be able to offer knowledge to the winners. Videographers, directors, editors, this is the opportunity to share your experience.

“Bons-services”: For the festival itself, you can offer your services, for example sound and light, decoration, catering, media coverage.

“Bons-Tirelires”: Financial donations are obviously accepted and they will certainly be given and distributed to the winners.