Alquier Productions

We are Alquier Productions, a production company in the audiovisual sector and also a music label. We live stream sessions and champion local artists and have several established artists in our catalog.

It is with great honour that Alquier productions is a partner and actively play an important part in the Phare International Film Festival on the island.

With the Phare International Film Festival, Alquier Productions will be responsible for the various shows to be presented during its grand finale. And stay tuned, it’s gonna be a very special show that you wont want to miss. We want to bring the art of storytelling to the theater. Ensuring that Mauritians and our fellow film producers from different countries experience our local talent as well as a touch of Hollywood magic.

For the long term, we want Mauritian films, with strong storytelling and endearing characters, to find a popular local and international audience. Using targeted releases or widespread campaigns through this very special event.

We are sensitive to the changes in film distribution. Understanding that traditional distribution models may not be the best route for some films, and also that self-distribution is a challenge for many new producers.

The Phare International Film Festival will therefore be a springboard for films with original content that inspires, entertains and has something to say, a story to tell.

As movie buffs, we have done our best to put together a show based around classic Hollywood movies, describing both a narrative and a visual style of directing.

We want to produce live theater on the cinema screen.

For us, cinema is a multifaceted art. It includes creativity, persistence, knowledge and business acumen.