My name is Brayoni Cerveaux.

I am an artist, a TV and radio host I am the oldest of a family of 3 children.

I love music, art, writing songs, cooking, nature, sport and not to mention the cinema.

I have 15 years of experience in the artistic world and started modeling at the age of 18.

I took part in several catwalks, music videos for famous grime/rap artists in London and I was elected Miss Wimbledon 2010.

I am not afraid of challenges as challenges help us grow to take the next steps while at the same time learning.

I have a very sensitive and attentive side when it comes to my art and others.

My biggest dream is to someday be a film director and explore other filmmaking adventures.

I’ve always been fascinated by acting and I find it cool to play someone you’re not. Seeing for example Samuel L Jackson in different movies and playing different characters is so intriguing. I believe in my talent and I would even say that I am a natural actress because I am not shy in front of the camera.

It is high time that cinema as an art form is recognised in Mauritius. I think the Mauritius Film Festival will be an opening for a lot of filmmakers, I am sure we will also discover hidden Mauritian talents. It absolutely promotes art in the times we live in and also promotes our little island paradise. Through the Phare Film Festival, I am confident that we will see the respect for cinema grow in Mauritius because it is high time that this area was respected as it should.

Heres to Phare Film Festival 2021, the first of many to come I’m sure.