I’m David Lam chiou yee, Chef and owner of Gourmet Avenue.

I’ve spent more than 14 years in the culinary sector honing my skills and knowledge in hospitality establishments¬† and cruising the mediterranean seas. To further my cooking I came back to my motherland with a new adventure. The award winning Gourmet Avenue.

Gourmet Avenue specialises in organic food and is also well known for their many different types of tea infusions imported from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

It’s almost three years since we started this humble journey. Creating and sharing our passion for food with all our foodies and making moments and lifetime memories with our Gourmet Team.

It’s an honour for us to be able to showcase our savoir faire at the Phare International Film Festival on the 17th December.

Our Gourmet team are assiduously sourcing quality ingredients and creating a special menu for this event which will consist of a three course meal Gala dinner.

I was pleased when the festival organisers shared their vision and passion on how they see the world. How they would like to help in providing a platform for the talents and brilliant minds of the island and reflect the mindset and values of the people of Mauritius.

The Phare international festival is not only a chance to promote film in Mauritius, it also puts the island and all it offers front and centre for the rest of the world to see. From art and culture to our amazing cuisine and breathtaking scenery.

At Gourmet Avenue we strongly believe that food brings people together and we would like to share this Gourmet moment with all of you guys at the Festival.