I am Jean Stewelderson Casimir, known as Le Penseur Ébène (sometimes abbreviated LPE), born November 22, 1995, in Rodrigues.

I am a slammer,  a poet, founder of SlamUp Poetry, author and performer and recently a rapper. My stage name is Le Penseur Ébène, and I started poetry thanks to French artistic influences, including Kery James, Grand Corps Malade and Youssoupha.

I started writing and then turned to stage performances called ‘Slam’ to bring my lyrics to life. The slam helped me to come out of my cocoon. Seeing the power words can have over someone, I decided to pass my passion on to others, hoping that as words saved me, they could be the guardian angels of other lost souls.

I am motivated by sharing, so I founded the SlamUp Poetry group to transmit and allow other people to experience this art. It was a challenge, knowing that the audiences in Mauritius were in decline or there even weren’t any! But now, when I look at what the poetry has brought, I have to do it.

Why the Film Festival? Because it is an event, a unique, daring and courageous experience. I like challenges and want to support this activity a lot.

It is also a sign that confirms we are in the big league. It is together that we grow, and I want to grow with the Phare Film Festival. It is the beginning of something great for art and cinema in Mauritius, proving that we are capable of great things.

As I always say, “tras trase o final bizin gagn enn zoli desin”. So find me, find us, and together we find ourselves for the Phare Film Festival, where we will be poetically together…