Tantrwm are incredibly proud to support and work with the fantastic team behind the visionary Phare Film Festival.

As a digital media production company from the South Wales valleys, we know how important dreaming big and the subsequent effect it has on the surrounding community is.

Film is very close to our hearts and championing the unsung writers, directors, actors and producers as well as the many others behind the art of cinema, is essential in maintaining a vibrant and inclusive industry.

The work that the Phare Film Festival team are doing not only benefits those behind the films submitted but the island of Mauritius as well. Placing Mauritius in front of the rest of the world and and showing the global community the breadth of talent, creativity and culture the people of Mauritius have to offer (not to mention the breathtaking scenery and cuisine).

Tantrwm have spent over twenty years bringing peoples visions to the screen. Dramas, case studies, animation, documentaries we’ve done them all. It’s this variety that has led us to work with some of the most forward thinking and visionary organisations in the world. Organisations like Imperial College London, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, Leidos, the Royal College of Music, Great Western Railway, Tata steel and many more.

It’s the same dreams and visions of everyone that is taking part in the Phare Film Festival that started our journey. To see all the hard work and creativity behind making films recognised in front of a global audience is exactly what’s needed to give upcoming film directors the confidence to become the next Steven Spielberg or Wes Anderson.

We wish the team at the Phare Film Festival and everyone taking part all the very best and we send support and encouragement from all of us overseas in the South Wales Valleys.

Dream big, be the positive change the world needs and have a great festival.